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Case Study: Information Governance Done Right

Wednesday 11 October 2023 | digital workplace, collaboration software, technology, Efficiency, Automation, accounts payable, accounting

One of the things we pride ourselves on is the excellent information governance that PIQNIC provides businesses. In one case, it saved the day for a company that needed a detailed audit trail. 

Information governance done right

Information governance, done right, pays off.

A client got in touch regarding an employment dispute.
They suspected foul play with some confidential information that the employee had access to.
They wanted to know what information the employee had created, viewed, modified, downloaded, and shared over the past 6 months.
We won’t go into details for obvious reasons, but this report is standard functionality in PIQNIC. You can even drill down at the file level to see the complete document lifecycle including movements.
This provided them with everything they needed to confirm their suspicion. 

PIQNIC to the rescue

This explains why it took us 3 years to develop our core platform. You can’t MVP this stuff.
Conclusion: Organizations always wish they had implemented business-grade information management, but usually when it’s too late. Storing information in folder-based systems or as an attachment in an app is not information management. It’s just storage which always ends in chaos.

This is what makes PIQNIC superior. And this is why we recommend you check out what PIQNIC has to offer for yourself right now. It's easy - click this button!



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