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What you need to know about Information Security with WFH

Thursday 25 November 2021 | remote workers, digital workplace, security, information governance, document security, Covid-19, Remote Teams

The more people work away from offices, the more complex security requirements for businesses become. Cyber protection and document security are the..

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5 Ways to Improve Your Document Management

Thursday 30 September 2021 | document management, digital workplace, security, document security, digital transformation, new technology, Efficiency, Work Practices

In a lot of companies, document management is left to the individual. Processes and software are sometimes there to help you with document..

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Remote teams work better with PIQNIC

Thursday 16 September 2021 | document management, remote workers, remote collaboration, document security, task management, Covid-19, Efficiency, Remote Teams, Work Practices

The word lockdown has become part of our vocabulary pretty fast. Prior to 2020, this term was reserved for prisoners and catastrophic events. Now..

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Teams that work + FREE TRIAL

Thursday 19 August 2021 | document management, team collaboration, document security, team management, task management, project management

There are two kinds of task management platforms: the type that makes your life easier, and then there is the type that makes your life harder. Some..

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Case Study: The Back Office Company

Thursday 1 July 2021 | workflow management, document management, digital workplace, time management, collaboration software, Cyber Security, information governance, document security

Few things are as frustrating in business as wasting time looking for the right document. While it seems such a simple thing, looking for documents..

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The Human Firewall: The Weakest Link of Them All

Thursday 31 October 2019 | document management, Cyber Security, document security

Organisations go to great lengths to protect themselves against online security threats, however an organisation’s cyber security is only as strong..

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Your information could be at risk of leaks. Here's why.

Tuesday 25 June 2019 | document management, information management, information governance, document security

If you work in a medium-to-large sized company, and any of your work is document orientated, it's likely that there are a few loopholes in your..

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Is this the age of misinformation?

Thursday 7 February 2019 | collaboration apps, workflow management, document management, information management, security, information governance, document security

Information is an asset in the information age. We all know the world of online work has developed in leaps and bounds over the last two decades. And..

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