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Remote teams work better with PIQNIC

Thursday 16 September 2021 | document management, remote workers, remote collaboration, document security, task management, Covid-19, Efficiency, Remote Teams, Work Practices


The word lockdown has become part of our vocabulary pretty fast. Prior to 2020, this term was reserved for prisoners and catastrophic events. Now this word conjures up images of children endlessly watching all kinds of screens and stressed parents trying to navigate a world of work that needs to suddenly happen online.

Covid-19 has definitely changed the way we work. Remote work has become a reality. So much so that companies are now offering employees the option of permanently working from home, or doing a hybrid work environment with partly online work and partly working in the office. No wonder remote teams are now considered normal.

What does remote work mean for your company?

Remote collaboration can be challenging at the best of times. Not being able to meet clients or team members face-to-face poses problems that need creative solutions. We’ve seen the rise of online meetings and task management apps over the last two years that all try to help meet the needs of remote teams. Yet some of these solutions add more to the to-do list of already stressed people.

Task tracking, document management and team collaboration all seem to require one more app or platform to manage, update and keep an eye on. Some of these platforms are so hard to set up and keep updated. It is a steep learning curve for a lot of people that don’t really have the resources to spend hours setting up and working. You’ve learned to use cloud drives, email chains, online meeting software, task management software and a lot of other new technology. You’ve rapidly adapted to this new remote work world. But is this the best way to do things?

A new way of working

Here at PIQNIC, we’ve been developing our skills for over twenty years in the field of document management, team collaboration and task management. Now we get to flex those muscles! Covid-19 and all the challenges it brings to the world of work has been a massive leap in digital transformation for many companies. This is where PIQNIC shines.

Our platform brings together document management, task management and team collaboration in one place. What this means is that your documents and internal communications are protected by our business-grade document management system. Documents are stored by categories such as projects with end-to-end security and encryption, which means none of your company confidential information is at risk of getting into the wrong hands and is stored safely. Better yet, PIQNIC enables you to search by keyword and file type. That means you save time and naturally, money too because you don’t waste it looking for documents. The latest version of a document is easily visible and available to each team member working remotely, and they can update documents in real-time for the whole team’s benefit.

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Teamwork is easy with PIQNIC. The messages on the platform stay with the task, and you don’t have to leave the platform to get in touch with your team. Everyone can see exactly what is pending, the documents associated with a task and the responsible party. Progress reports are available at a glance – no meetings necessary!

Efficiency results. No more updating multiple apps or platforms. Work happens, and updating is just a natural consequence you don’t have to think about again. Productivity increases, workers are less stressed and have more time to do the actual work. Needless meetings to update on progress while working remotely are eliminated. Project Management is simplified. While it may seem that the word lockdown has exiled us into the world of prisoners and catastrophic event sufferers, there is a silver lining with PIQNIC.

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