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External Collaboration Should Always be FREE

Friday 12 July 2019 |

A lot of people are familiar with the undeniably effective business model of Apple products. You get your brand new Mac Book home, you can't wait to open up the box and try it out for the first time but, within minutes, you stumble across a problem.

You can't connect to your monitor through your HDMI cord, you can't even plug in your mouse without a USB adapter, and good luck connecting your headphones without a dongle.

These are all necessary additions to your digital experience, and to fully make the most of your brand new hardware, you've got to fork out the extra cash to get the add-ons.

We feel that collaboration software in a digital environment is exactly the same.

If you're working on any digital project, collaborating with various stakeholders, internal team members and contractors is as necessary as a dongle is to your new Mac Book.

You can't do your job properly without it.

So why should you have to pay any more to add on a feature to your existing work management platform that you're already paying a premium to use?

You shouldn't have to. That's why at PIQNIC, anyone who uses our platform can collaborate with unlimited external participants for free.

Communication is at the crux of any digital workplace

If you work in a digital workplace, it only takes a quick review of your current processes to realise just how many interactions there are between various different people to get a project across the line.

Let's take, for example, the seemingly simple task of creating a blog post with a digital marketing agency (a real example, by the way).

  • Step one: agree on a blog topic [a minimum of two contacts, and three touch-points]
  • Step two: copywriter drafts blog posts and sends for proofing [a minimum of three contacts, and six touch-points]
  • Step three: copywriter sends blog post for client approval [a minimum of two contacts, and two touch-points]
  • Step four: blog is approved and posted online [a minimum of two contacts and two touch-points]

Without considering any social posts to promote the blogs, team mates or external client contacts cc'd into email chains, or contracted copywriting work, that adds up to a bare minimum of five contacts and 13 emails (or chat messages) to get the job done.

Now extrapolate that number out to accommodate a large scale project, and you'll really get a feel for just how important it is to have multiple people across a single collaborative content. The number is exponential.

It's all about being transparent

It's not just about acknowledging just how often we communicate with multiple collaborators to get the job done - it's about understanding why that's important.

The short answer is transparency.

In order for nothing to slip through the cracks, managers and contributors need to be across every aspect of a project at all times, and any mistakes or changes to be traceable (and fixable, quickly), you've got to be transparent about the process from start to finish.

Not only is it helpful for everyone involved to know what progress is being made, it builds an environment of trust.

When you trust the people you're working with, you're less likely to spend time checking in on where they're at and how their tasks are going. This lessens digital noise, and allows both yourself and your collaborators to focus on your own tasks at hand with the distractions.

Transparency is a win-win and helps productivity. That's exactly why we put so much focus on our collaboration tools.

The ideal digital workplace

There's no doubt that best digital workplace experience occurs when everybody is participating together. A lot of companies know this, and base their pricing on its necessity.

If you take a bit of time to research your collaboration software options, you'll find that you're either forced to purchase the add-on, or the number of external collaborators you can involve is limited.

We're dedicated to a world where tools in digital workplaces have all elements included - no extra costs, limitations or hidden fees involved.

Keen to collaborate and give it a try? You can do just that - you guess it - for FREE.

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