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Get Your Accounts Payable Game On Point with Automation: Addressing David's Doubts

Thursday 13 July 2023 | digital workplace, collaboration software, technology, Efficiency, Automation, accounts payable, accounting

Want to become a master of Accounts Payable? We’ve been working hard to tell the world about PIQNIC’s accounts payable automation capabilities over the last few months. We’re excited about the new clients that have come on board - we’ll be telling you more about them over the coming months. But for now, we asked David, an accounts payable manager, why he hasn’t started automating his accounts payable. 

David’s doubts about automating accounts payable

David is an accounts payable manager for a large company, who battles an avalanche of invoices and payments every day. But alas, manual processes have him feeling like a medieval scribe in a digital world. David's nightmares include late payments, errors that would make his high school math teacher cringe, and vendor relationships that are hanging by a thread. David’s team have brought up the possibility of automation, but he has been less than enthusiastic. He’s been doing this job for many years, in the same way, and he thinks that moving to a new system will create challenges that he wants PIQNIC to address.

Can he break free from this accounts payable chaos? You betcha! Let's dive into David's doubts and see how PIQNIC saves the day.

David’s doubts about automating accounts payable

David is concerned about a lack of control over the accounts payable process and maintaining vendor relationships. He thinks that upfront costs, disruption during implementation, and extensive training pose challenges. David is worried that the system may be too complex and that his team would have a steep learning curve while still performing their jobs to the high standards his company expects. For David, it is important that customisation must align perfectly with his unique business requirements. Finally, David is concerned about the security of sensitive financial information and potential breaches.

PIQNIC: The solution for change

  • Controlled collaboration

Fear not, David! PIQNIC's accounts payable automation keeps you in the driver's seat. With PIQNIC's accounts payable automation, you retain control over the process. Customize workflows, maintain vendor relationships, and validate and verify each transaction. Real-time visibility empowers you to intervene whenever necessary. PIQNIC revolutionizes team collaboration by seamlessly integrating real-time workspaces, efficient task and project coordination, streamlined communication channels, optimized workflow processes, and seamless file sharing. This innovative platform ingeniously interconnects these features with robust document management capabilities, creating a comprehensive all-in-one solution. 

  • Easy implementation

PIQNIC offers a cost-effective solution with rapid implementation and seamless integration. Getting started with PIQNIC is incredibly quick and efficient. Initially, we establish your organization on one of our globally distributed availability zones, strategically located in a region near you. This process typically takes only a few minutes. Subsequently, we focus on tailoring the document and file management system to your organization's unique requirements. If your document structure is relatively straightforward, this step can be completed swiftly. However, if you operate a large enterprise with an extensive array of documents and files, along with specific departmental security needs, our team at PIQNIC or one of our certified partners will gladly assist you in configuring PIQNIC to align precisely with your preferences. Once the user logs in for the first time, the work management functionality is readily available. Plus our administration module includes a bulk file importer used specifically for importing information from folders, shared drives and other information systems including most document management and ECM platforms. 

  • Intuitive platform

PIQNIC's user-friendly and intuitive interface simplifies the transition reducing onboarding training  ensuring a smooth learning process for you and your team.With the platform ready to go, deploying PIQNIC is a swift process.User-friendly menus and intuitive dashboards enable individuals without technical expertise to effortlessly administer the platform. You can assign users and roles yourself. Document management and storage is built in, with communication on projects is right there, where the work happens. PIQNIC has configurable communication templates, and you can set up custom workflows.

  • Customised to your needs

Tailor PIQNIC's platform to fit your exact business requirements without compromise. Configure workflows, approval hierarchies, and payment terms to accommodate exceptions and specific rules. Liberate yourself from mundane, routine tasks that consume your valuable time. With PIQNIC, you now have the power to automate, monitor, and finalize processes that you design. Unleash your inner process rockstar with PIQNIC's user-friendly workflow system. For more complex business needs, the team at PIQNIC can work with you to get the exact configurations that your business requires. 

  • Tough security

PIQNIC prioritizes data security with encrypted transmission, secure cloud storage, and strict access controls. Regular updates address vulnerabilities and maintain compliance. Ensuring the utmost protection for your data and information is of paramount importance to us. At PIQNIC, we have meticulously developed a multi-tiered security infrastructure and data protection measures. With our robust platform security, administrators have complete control over the levels of data security and user access they wish to enforce.


Hold onto your calculators, folks! Embracing accounts payable automation can transform your business operations, saving time, reducing costs, and improving accuracy. Don't let objections hinder your progress. Book a free one-on-one session with our expert to discuss your specific questions, address concerns, and explore customizations tailored to your business needs. Take the first step towards a streamlined accounts payable process by contacting us today.


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