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How To Automate Your Business + Downloadable Guide

Thursday 31 March 2022 | document management, build productivity, time management, team collaboration, remote collaboration, team management

"Digital transformation". It's not about adopting a digital version of a manual system. It's about TRANSFORMATION. But how do you transform your business?  

How to automate your business with PIQNIC

Transformation 101

At the root, digital transformation aims to totally change the way you operate and deliver the services you aim to deliver. Most businesses focus on moving to new software rather than the processes and workflows they are trying to achieve. That is where their transformations fail. Rethinking operating models and then deciding how to improve and implement new processes are at the heart of transformation. Then identifying what to take out of people's hands to be replaced with automated processes creates new opportunities and improves productivity. 

Digital transformation could mean that your software is totally replaced and some roles become redundant. To give a practical example, imagine a product ordering system: In the past, your stock controller would monitor the levels of stock, and then decide when to order more products. Some items will be missed, and some stock will sit unsold and overstocked for a long time. With an automated system, you can input a minimum amount that is practical to stock into your system, and once your stock drops below that point your system automatically sends an order for approval to the correct person, or orders the item depending on the parameters that you preset. No over-or understocking, no human error, no customer dissatisfaction. 

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What to automate

In today's times of economic uncertainty and technological advancement, it makes sense that a lot of processes are taken out of human hands. Automation can save you time and money and gives you a competitive advantage over your opponents.  Before you begin, you want to pinpoint exactly what will bring about those savings. By lightening your team's workload, you create opportunities for more creativity and focus on what is important. Begin by establishing what to automate: 

  • Messaging your team when a new customer or lead is added
  • Messaging your leads or customers
  • Communication and notifications on tasks and projects
  • Consolidate information and documents
  • Accounts payable, reporting and billing
  • File sharing and document security
  • User-created workflow

We've found that many industries can benefit from automation. Here are some of the industries we've identified and worked with:

  • Accounting & Audit
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Property & Real Estate
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Professional Services

Every business is different and has specific needs. So it is important for you to determine your own goals and get an idea of where the most benefit will be gained from automation for you and your team. By automating and creating workflows in your business, you are opening doors for your team to flourish.  Book a free demo to see how PIQNIC can transform your business. 

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