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Is your business data protected?

Thursday 9 September 2021 | document management, remote workers, information management, security, collaboration software, technology, Cyber Security, information governance, remote collaboration, digital transformation, new technology


Do you know if your business information is secure? You may be in the position that you assume it is without actually knowing how to check. You may know that some things are secure but you don't know for sure if other things are safe. Is your online storage safe? Can someone gain access to the passwords you use to protect your email or systems? Read on to find out how to protect your company. 

Why do you need to protect your company's data?

Data security is very important to any company, big or small. Every company should put protective measures in place to keep any unauthorized access out of their databases, websites, and computers against corruption or loss. Yet many companies don't consider the risks until it is too late. 

Any business can suffer a cyber-attack. Small companies are not immune to hackers and phishers, rather the opposite. Hackers are aware that small businesses may not have the necessary security in place due to a lack of resources. Your company's data is as much an asset to protect as the building or the bank account. The types of information may include your own personal confidential documents, but also those of your customers and their businesses. Things like financials, business plans or personal information need to be protected to minimize risk to revenue, company continuity and your company's reputation.

It is important to remember that hackers use technology to attack companies and individuals. Some even have automated programmes that do the hacking for them. This is referred to as bot attacks. So your company's protection should be automated too and not left in the hands of individuals who may be neglectful or less vigilant than they should be. Cyber security is about protecting information, devices and systems from unauthorised access, attack or other risks, such as: 

How do you protect your data?

Protecting the data your company owns is important and complex, and can seem overwhelming (though it can be really easy to do). Netwrix's recommendations include the following for protecting your data: 

  • Understand data technologies and databases.
  • Identify and classify sensitive data.
  • Create a data usage policy.
  • Control access to sensitive data.
  • Implement change management and database auditing.
  • Use data encryption.
  • Back up your data.
  • Use endpoint security systems to protect your data.

There are some simple steps you can take right away to protect your company's information, such as strong passwords on your phone and computer, with auto-locking after a few minutes without use. Another protection measure is to keep sensitive documents in a secure place. With paperless offices and remote collaboration being the norm today, many people assume that saving it on their own computer makes it safe. This may not be the case in reality. Do you know if your data is safe?

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PIQNIC has realized that cyber-security needs to be integrated into the systems that we work with daily. So we developed a simple solution to data governance, removing all the complexity for the customer.PIQNIC protects your data and information with multiple levels of strong security and data protection. With our robust platform security, admins totally control what levels they apply to data and users. Here is what you get with PIQNIC:

Network and access and infrastructure security

PIQNIC is protected by multiple levels of network security controlling access to the platform. Document and database storage is fully separated from the platform’s presentation tier which prevents direct access to the PIQNIC repository. Access to the service is audited by our security infrastructure team on a regular basis and basic auditing of activity is provided within the platform. Advanced auditing functionality for administrators is planned in future releases.

Data encryption in motion and at rest

All data uploaded to and from PIQNIC as well as all the communication between PIQNIC servers and users is encrypted. This provides secured access from unsecured wireless connections or other public internet access points.

Robust Authentication and Authorization

PIQNIC is segmented into domains to allow for the logical separation of documents and other artefacts between customer organizations. All users must authenticate themselves using a strong password and some types of users are required to go through 2 step authentication. Once they are authenticated, they are authorized to access a specific organizational domain which gives them access to document management and collaboration tools available to that organization. The level of access is determined through their group membership so their activity is always confined to the appropriate part of the PIQNIC platform.

Secure collaboration and control

PIQNIC's multi-layered security settings make it easy to customize the platform to exactly match how you work with teams, internally or externally. Our security model clearly differentiates between users who belong to your organization and those who don’t. At the top level, administrators control content access for internal users, who in turn initiate collaboration tasks and decide what is shared (from the information they have access to) and who is invited. External users that may be invited to a collaboration session, therefore, have access to the content moderated by both administrators and internal task owners.


PIQNIC provides year-around 99.99% availability, and durability of 99.999999999% of data by taking advantage of duplicated storage technology. PIQNIC takes extra measures to protect data against loss by replicating the encrypted content to other data centres that are completely separate in all critical aspects: telecommunication links, power supply, physical location, etc. PIQNIC storage is designed to sustain the concurrent loss of data in two facilities.

Data privacy and compliance

PIQNIC is hosted in the AWS cloud and leverages compliance certifications that apply to the infrastructure used. AWS is used for data storage to ensure compliance with personal data protection directives. Independent validation to the SOC2 and ISEA 3000 Type II standards - SSL encryption (256-bit) prevents interception of data while in transit - Content encrypted at rest to protect from unauthorized access on the server.

Securing information with ease

Information in PIQNIC is secured using granular permissions and role-based security to ensure authenticated users only access the data they’re authorized to. Powerful and flexible security should not require complexity and specialist knowledge to administer it. That's why PIQNIC security model is smart and has been designed to be simple and intuitive both to implement and manage. At its core, it is built around the ability to control and restrict the scope of document searches executed by users. This model allows the implementation of complex security requirements while reducing administrative overheads required for the maintenance of a finely tuned security model for organizations of different sizes and requirements.

Auditing and notifications

Through a smart built-in events framework, PIQNIC listens and registers various types of events such as user activity, document lifecycle events and collaborative tasks, and uses this information to populate audit logs of collaboration tasks and documents making full audit trails of all managed information instantly available. At a user request, some of these events can be relayed to users through instant notifications. Users and administrators are in full control of all important aspects of notification settings - events monitored, notification frequency, notification channel, etc.

The PIQNIC solution

The way we work has changed, with much of the work happening online and much of our data stored in the cloud. Our security solutions should evolve with our document storage systems and ways of communicating. PIQNIC has a super-platform that brings together team collaboration, task management and document management in a secure and easy to use environment. It's the solution that protects your business, simplifies your processes AND helps you be productive. See PIQNIC in action with your own personal demo with one of our capable experts. 

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