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PIQNIC - Not just another document management application

Wednesday 11 May 2022 | document management, build productivity, time management, team collaboration, remote collaboration, team management

Yet another app, yet another software to help make your life "easier".  Every day new applications and new software come across our paths. It's hard to work out which one gives you what you need. Furthermore, it's possible that you're using multiple apps to get the job done. Is this truly the best use of your time and money? Introducing PIQNIC, the one software that can help you save time and money.  Let's unpack what PIQNIC is about!


What is PIQNIC?

PIQNIC is a single, smart platform where you can quickly find the information you need, kick off projects, manage tasks and workflows, share files, review documents, make decisions, engage with customers and partners and message anyone… all this, and you’ve never left the platform.

Every company, big or small, manages documents in some shape or form. You will have looked for documents and would have wasted countless hours looking in multiple places each and every week. You may even be using cloud-based software that has search capabilities, yet still could not find what you were looking for easily. This is where PIQNIC shines: documents are easy to find since they are attached to specific tasks and projects, and you can also search for them with keywords, file name or file type. You will always know which version of a document is the latest, and you can see previous versions too. Documents are stored safely and securely, with robust multi-level data protection. File sharing is managed, controlled and secure.

Besides being a smart document governance system, PIQNIC also offers you real-time collaboration and communication. You can collaborate with anyone, inside or outside your organisation. You can create workspaces and manage teams the way you want to. Teams can manage approval and decisions right from the dashboard. It is easy to delegate tasks, track progress and make decisions right there where the project is managed. With messages and documents attached to work, you will never lose track of how a task or project is progressing again. You have notifications and a to-do list at your fingertips.

To make your life even easier, PIQNIC gives you the capability of creating workflows. PIQNIC has an easy to use process builder with event triggers. You can automate repetitive tasks - automate, track and complete processes that you build yourself. 

Learn more about PIQNIC's features. 

Every business has specific and unique needs. With PIQNIC, we have a team that works with you to determine what you need and then sets up PIQNIC with the right custom tools for you.  Book a free demo to see how PIQNIC can transform your business. 

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