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PIQNIC in partnership with Mahi for Ukraine

Wednesday 18 May 2022 | document management, build productivity, time management, team collaboration, remote collaboration, team management

PIQNIC has the privilege of helping in our own way to relieve some of the hardships of people and families in Ukraine. By providing our platform as a resource for Mahi for Ukraine, we are able to help them organise, plan and run their cause. Read more about Mahi for Ukraine here. 275856665_113104184659239_6094043891772756209_n


What is Mahi for Ukraine?

Mahi For Ukraine is a cause that aims to help Ukraine and its people, in light of Russia’s unprovoked invasion of February 2022.  They advocate for immigration, sanctions, humanitarian aid, and diplomatic relations in New Zealand.  

How have they implemented PIQNIC?

Mahi for Ukraine is using PIQNIC to assign tasks to the core team members who are working together in pursuit of the Mahi for Ukraine cause. They also use PIQNIC as their document management system. Notably, one of their projects is “Aroha for Ukraine”, which involves collating messages of encouragement, friendship and welcome from New Zealand-based children into a book for Ukrainian children who will be arriving in New Zealand. This book will be made available to them for free once printed.  They report that they have had a very positive and overwhelming response from New Zealand children for this project, with over 400 files of wonderful letters and drawings. These are currently kept in PIQNIC, and there are so many more documents that will soon be stored and managed by PIQNIC!  They have used PIQNIC's functionality to be able to invite external persons (ie. who are not PIQNIC users) to participate in their tasks for this project too.

What they say about PIQNIC

"It’s an incredibly easy to use tool for task and project management, communication with team members, and management of documents.  Thank you very much to PIQNIC for your generous offer enabling our core team members to be able to use PIQNIC for free in our pursuit of the Mahi for Ukraine cause."

Want to get involved with Mahi For Ukraine?

For information regarding their advocacy and how you can help Ukraine, please visit their website or follow their Facebook group.  

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