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Team Management Software With Muscle

Thursday 21 October 2021 | collaboration apps, remote workers, digital workplace, collaboration software, team collaboration, team management, Efficiency, Remote Teams, Work Practices

Team management software should enhance collaboration and work coordination, along with boosting your team’s productivity and work quality. Simple tools such as time-tracking apps or task boards can help you reach your goals. Yet you may need a more holistic solution to get all the aspects of your team management under control.

Managing your team doesn’t stop with to-do lists and time allocation. Depending on the size of your team and the nature of your work, you could benefit from robust software to enhance teamwork, communication and store important data about your projects, customers, tasks, and other activities and resources. Organising your team can be simple. 

Organising your team and documents with PIQNIC

The features you might need to maximise your team’s work results:

  • Work scheduling – assigning and prioritising tasks
  • Communication & collaboration – chats, document sharing, decision-making with rules
  • Project management – managing work and tasks in collaborative projects and tracking progress
  • Data storage – centralised access to information about your customers, contacts, team, business, important news, etc.
  • Collaboration - Extending collaboration with external people

In general, you’ll have two choices:

  • Try to combine multiple single-feature tools into an integrated team management system.
  • Use one comprehensive software solution, which already provides you with all the features you need.

The challenge? There are hundreds of single-purpose tools and simplistic apps, but not so many end-to-end solutions. PIQNIC offers just such a comprehensive solution.

What you get with PIQNIC

PIQNIC is a comprehensive document management, task management and team collaboration tool that combines all the features you might need to manage your business: projects & tasks, user management, team collaboration, communication and document management. It combines elements of project management, file storage, information governance and helps to manage projects across a team without email. All your important information is stored in one central place, which makes it easy to manage your team and information remotely. PIQNIC gives a complete overview of all the scheduled tasks, jobs, events and actions that are being or have been performed by your entire team, including outsourced contractors.

Top Features of PIQNIC

Task Management

  • Quick and easy task creation
  • Groups tasks into projects
  • Visual project dashboard and individual dashboard
  • Manage projects and tasks from a single tool
  • To-do list
  • Event notifications
  • Connected with document management
  • Centralized communications
  • 2nd in charge and delegation
  • Automated Gantt chart creation
  • User-created workflows
  • Easy to use process builder
  • Event triggers
  • Automated document control and workflows
  • External user participation
  • Progress notifications
  • Includes communication and collaboration
  • Decision and rule management
  • Task & project management with an unlimited number of projects
  • Assign tasks, attach files and discuss details within the solution
  • Automate the sales pipelines, project budget tracking, and more
  • Build templates for your jobs, predefining all the common tasks and resources required when starting a new job
  • Filtering tasks by users, dates, and labels
  • Customizations

Team Management

  • User-created workspaces
  • Customized notifications
  • Team communication
  • Smart dashboard
  • Collaborate with anyone
  • Document control
  • Team & work management
  • Decision management
  • Voting rules
  • Work delegation and second-in-charge
  • Work centric communication
  • Messaging across all modes of collaboration
  • Event communication
  • User-configurable communication
  • User presence indicator
  • Connected to document management
  • Smart links
  • Broadcast communication
  • User roles
  • User management
  • Document class templates
  • Storage management
  • Retention policies
  • System dashboard
  • External collaboration management
  • Bulk document and file importer
  • Migration module
  • Configurable communication templates
  • Auditing
  • Access polices
  • Review milestones, and check your team’s progress
  • Commenting on tasks and mentioning colleagues
  • Task dependencies and delegating
  • Email notifications
  • Customizations

Document Management

  • File sharing and version control
  • Share encrypted & large files
  • Information subscriptions
  • Smart drag-n-drop capture
  • Smart searches
  • Google search
  • Favourite searches and knowledge zone
  • Smart folders
  • URL search
  • Bulk load documents & files
  • Quicksave documents
  • Search results panel
  • Related documents
  • Document history and audit
  • Quickly share any document or file
  • Instant messaging
  • Approval and decision management
  • Progress indicator
  • Expiry date
  • Advanced document contribution
  • Network access and infrastructure security
  • Durability
  • Data encryption in motion and at rest
  • Data privacy and compliance
  • Robust Authentication & Authorization
  • Secure collaboration with control
  • Auditing and notifications
  • Customizations

With all of this functionality available in PIQNIC, we don't blame you for wanting to see it in action for yourself. You can get your free trial of PIQNIC today - click on the link now!

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